Hey guys! 

This time we’re offering you a great chance to put yourself on the line! What is it about?

We have this project called “Erasmus in School” that aims at promoting Erasmus program in middle and high schools. Our purpose is to make the students aware of the existence of the Erasmus program, explain them what it is, how it works by telling them about our own experiences! But we need you as well! As you’re doing your semester abroad right now, it’s pretty clear to you at the moment which are the advantages of this amazing program, how much it enriches you and why it is worth it to apply for Erasmus and leave!

Do you want to be an Erasmus ambassador?

On Thursday 22nd March we will have one meeting at Liceo Carducci (Close to Loreto) at 2:30 pm and we need a couple of you guys to come with us and tell these students about your experience here as Erasmus!

If you’re having the time of your life, message us and we will give you more details about the event.

WHEN: Wednesday 22nd of March, 2.30 pm
WHERE: Liceo Carducci (Loreto metro station)

22/03/2018 - 14:30