Summer is coming and the weather is warm, so why not spending some time together in the park? We will play “rubabandiera” and then go together to have happy hour at Magenta and play some quiz!

Not forgetting that one of the purposes of going abroad is to get to know new cultures and languages, a new app called Papaya has been developed for those who want to practice a language.
It is very easy to use: you just have to sign up with your name and select the language(s) that you want to practice. The system will automatically match you up with another person interested in the exchange.

It’s quick and you can easily do it via your facebook page (it is not a useless app you have to download or anything)… so it’s the perfect occasion to show how much you’ve learnt during your experience abroad and, why not, make new friends!

The Meeting Point is in front of Castello Sforzesco (at the fountain) at 17.45. We will tell you who is your match and the couple who will win the game we are going to play in the park will receive a prize during the aperitivo!


Go to --> select Tandem Program --> login with facebook --> come to the meeting point --> have a lot of fun playing in the park --> practice new languages and make new friends! 

What are you waiting for? :-)

To have everything working, you should be using the latest version of Papaya: v2.3.0. You can find it written on the bottom of the page, under the small yellow lamp. If you have a different value, it means that your browser is stuck with an older version of the app; you can proceed with either of the followings:

Clear your browser cache:
Chrome (PC/Mac).
Safari (PC/Mac).
Firefox (PC/Mac).
Chrome iOS / Android.
Safari (iOS).
Open a new window in Incognito mode.
Use a different device.

If the problem persist, write in pm to Eugenio Gatto!

10/05/2018 - 17:45